With this app the users could search, read, and explore Wikipedia. You could also find the details you require now, or dive down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. The users could take a journey through the knowledge that interests you most. It is enumerated that more than 36 million articles in nearly 300 languages and your favorite free online encyclopedia is now at your fingertips.

Wikipedia for iOS

Wikipedia for iOS is probably one of the best resources on the Internet a mountain of facts that most users who utilize it barely ever see. Presently it has a newly re-designed app for iOS that takes advantage of the details you don’t normally view on Wikipedia, by using the new beneficial features in iOS 9 and aggregate data from the way people use Wikipedia daily.

The app experience is much simpler to use than the mobile browser, featuring snappier navigation and gestures with 3D Touch. It professionally wins the award for the most creative 3D “peek” gesture, providing users the ability to choose an article completely at random with a simple long press. This popular app also takes advantage of Spotlight search, so your phone’s native search bar could feel more complete and informative. The design also draws attention to amazing things found on the app’s home screen, comprising aggregate data from daily searches as well as Wikipedia entries respective to your location.

Wikipedia for iOS

The new look not only feels closer to the users but the content feels like it matches that acumen idea as well. There are also beneficial tools, like an easy to navigate gallery system that permits you to save images and an offline mode that allows you read those articles later. For the ability to ameliorate Spotlight search alone, the redesigned Wikipedia is beneficial tool. But if you’re a person who loves fact-checking your friends, then the simplicity of usage is really beneficial.