Why You’ll Definitely Want to Read More about Stokey App

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Stokey is a remote worker app that allows you to gamify your workflow and chores for added motivation and team building. The product aims to improve connectivity in remote locations. They use gamification techniques to make the workflow more fun. Because the hero’s level directly reflects employees’ performance, gamification makes performance tracking more transparent.

Benefits of Stokey

  • Boost participation & motivation
  • Boost productivity
  • Provide KPI-driven analytics
  • Make task organization simpler.
  • Make a relaxing digital workspace
  • Make a digital space for team building.
  • Create remote teams

In a global world where creative and innovative tasks are becoming an increasingly important part of the worldwide economy, it appears that the archaic carrot and stick motivational tools used throughout the Industrial Revolution are outmoded tactics that fail to engage the modern individual.

Stokey employs gamification techniques to turn your workflow into a game. Finish your tasks, and you will have conquered the universe. Eighty-nine per cent of employees believe they would be more productive if work were more game-like (TalentLMS, 2019). Gamification can boost company productivity by up to 50% and employee engagement by 60%. (2019, eLearning Learning)

Business owners, managers, and team leaders face more significant challenges than individuals when working with teams. Conflicting personalities or ideas on a team can make good team cohesion and productivity difficult. In the past, business leaders addressed these issues in face-to-face workplaces by utilizing team-building exercises in game formats, such as ice breakers, scavenger hunts, contests, and competitions. These games increase employee engagement and assist members of the same team in finding ways to collaborate more effectively. Socialization is used as the foundation of team-building exercises.

What is the definition of gamification?

Gamification applies gaming elements, principles, and mechanics to non-game contexts such as the workplace. This encourages users to engage more with the content in question. It is advantageous when applied to mundane tasks, such as compliance and extensive safety training.

The Advantages of Gamification in Corporate Training

It’s clear by now that gamification has a long list of potential benefits for your organization, and the following are a few of them.

Gamification can make dull and routine training more enjoyable. This improves the safety of workplace teams because they genuinely engage in the activity and are more likely to remember it.

Onboarding new employees become faster and easier. Gamification can help you engage your employees from the start and set an excellent example in the workplace.

Gamification can help new employees better understand their roles and what they need to do. This will ensure outstanding results from the first day an employee begins working.

Final Thoughts

People who participate in gamification feel more appreciated and motivated over time, and these are just a few reasons you should think about gamification for your teams.