Warp Shift for iOS

by Jul 7, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Warp Shift for iOS by Fishlabs is an interesting puzzle game that forces you to think outside the box. If you’re a passionate fan of puzzles, then this one is definitely a must-have in your game collection. Warp Shift is making users entertained.

Fishlabs is a studio known for the Galaxy on Fire series, which is a space shooter, and now they are developing puzzles for benefit of users. The whole game is developed in 3-D with lucrative landscapes and environments in the background that appear to be hand-painted.

Warp Shift for iOS

The eminent character model of Pi, the little girl that you’re guiding through a boxy labyrinth, is amazingly well done. It specially feels like she is truly alive on your screen thanks to the fluid movements.

The colors are bright so it’s nice eye candy on your screen, and all quality animations are smooth, even when navigating through the level selection screen. The soundtrack to the game is calming, and sound effects of nature are fun. Warp Shift features five different worlds that include 15 levels each. The users have to get through each stage in order to move on to the next, but there isn’t too much of requirement to rush through the game.

It’s professionally designed to be a title to assist you unwinds and relax after a long day, though if you like to challenge yourself. There are three stars that could be earned on each puzzle. The users require the stars to unlock the other worlds though.

Warp Shift for iOS

The good thing about the stars, though, is the fact that the game conveys you how many moves you could make until you lose that star. This is better since it also indicates that a puzzle could be actively solved in just that many moves if you try hard enough. Moreover getting one or two stars is not that bad either. The puzzles could actually get rather tricky but it is always a fun challenge, and it assists to keep your mind occupied.