Viki for iPhone

by Aug 30, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Viki for iPhone by Raureif is good way to get your Wikipedia fix on-the-go. If users like learning interesting things on Wikipedia but want an attractive interface to interact with the valuable info, then you must check out Viki. It is affirmed that users could experience new way to access Wikipedia on their iOS device so they can definitely try Viki.

The interface is beautiful and it provides users only what they need. The presence of off-white background color combined with the classic serif typography means that everything is easy to read, which is key considering that’s all you do on popular Wikipedia. The app is wholly responsive; providing you results instantly and there is no lag when it comes to the map view.

Viki for iPhone

The users are able to see first Map view upon opening Viki, which utilizes your present location to illustrate you nearby points of interest that have Wikipedia articles attached. It also shows your position as the blue circle on the map, and has a surrounding radius to describe you those points of interest.

If global users are eager to learn about something in particular, Viki has the old traditional search functionality that international users expect from any Wikipedia app. The users could simply tap on the search bar at the top of the screen and then actively type in what you need. It is shown that Viki is powered by Wikipedia’s full-text search and very rich article previews.

Viki for iPhone

In addition the users might find what they were actually searching for; some other articles may be sensational enough that you might still like to check it out later. When users find the article you like, they could just tap on it to view it. The article view in Viki is qualitative, as it professionally features a large header photo at the top, with the topic name placed on top.