Turn Your Social Distancing Into Distant Socializing with Toodls

by Apr 19, 2020General0 comments

The change in social distancing has taken us to the need of making video calls, video – conferencing, hosting events and classes online and a lot more. We have several apps that have come for usage, but my recommendation is Toodls – whether it’s a friendship gathering, a family meeting or a slumber party.

Toodls given by MaGlobe, Inc, is a unique platform that allows you to connect with individuals by hosting events and activities of all sorts both online and in-person. You can conduct in-person events when you come out of this pandemic situation of 2020. As of now events can be hosted online using this app. Users of the app host these events and will be able to connect with other hosts and participants on Toodls.

Toodls users can take part in any event just by choosing one and clicking the ‘Join Event’ button. The app lets you add your own guests to any event and it can be either your friends or your family. The different categories of events that can be hosted on the app are (Live Music, Dining, Sporting Events, Health, Personal Care, Family, Events, Business, Careers, Education, Religion, Spirituality, Support Groups, Hobbies, Travel, Volunteering, and Others).

Toodls offer different options to the hosts and they will be able to conduct virtual events online, organize a private event where they can choose the guests for themselves and organize a public event where the user will be able to host and ask all the Toodls users to participate. The host of the event can take the privilege and be choosy about the guests who can participate in the event.

With Toodls, you need not be afraid of your personal info being compromised. The app has been designed with your privacy in mind and the only person who is liable to share the personal info with others is you and nobody else can do that. The most appreciable thing about Toodls is that they do not sell any ads.

The app comes for both free and paid plans. The free version has some limited functionalities whereas the paid subscription for $ 9.99 is available for a time slot of 1 year with some additional features.

In a nutshell, with Toodls, you can join events depending upon your availability and activity and host different events. You can manage and host activities and events and choose who attends them. Make private groups with your friends and family and also conduct public groups for hiking, yoga, dance, etc.

Toodls is free for download and it supports both iOS and Android devices. Download Toodls today and explore the endless possibilities you have. It lets you change your social distancing into distant socializing and makes it a whole lot fun.

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