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Just like eating the right food and enough sleep, our fitness is an important part of our overall health. We still need to do physical activities to remain healthy and active. To help us in keeping our body in shape, fitness trackers are created. Fitness trackers are designed to give life and reactivate your exercise routines and monitor medical condition.

Now, many apps are emerging to help people with their fitness goals. Tobi is a new personalized health and wellness tracking app on the market today. This app can be your best fitness buddy you can get along throughout your fitness activity.


Use Tobi for easy and fun health management 

There are too many reasons to enjoy using this fitness tracking app. It can track those essential vital stats and help you to get these stats under control. If you are taking prescribed medication, this app will help you track. Tobi will help you throughout the tracking of your daily schedule to reach your fitness goals.

There’s no more reason to forget to take your medication ever again! 

Tobi with its original creation, RX medication tracker, helps the user to get a recent list of your personal medical schedule or for your family.

The best family caregiving solution app

Tobi is not just about taking care of yourself but for your loved ones as well. This app enables users to collaborate with other people’s tasks, track health trends and to see the complete medical statistics reports. By using Tobi, you can now provide extra care and efficient health monitoring to your family members, patient and close friend.

Tobi helps you to set engagement for your own support system

Tobi is an ultimate tool to connect the user and the caregivers. Now you can make it sure that your daily health activities will be sent as updates to your healthcare professionals, wellness coaches and loved ones. Through this app, they can help and support you throughout your fitness training and program.


• Organize all your important healthcare information
•  Set reminders to take and track your medication

•  View all of your important healthcare info in one location
•  Manage reminders to take and track your medication

•  Monitor your family and friend’s important health vitals
•  Connect and collaborate with others to monitor progress

•  Keep track of appointments, schedules and refill dates
•  Monitor important health vitals and track progress over time such as Weight, Sleep, and Blood Pressure

• Privacy. Any content you share with Tobi is private and secure


• The app needs to include other health features for updates.
•  Users need more time to be familiar with its features

•  Since it is on a mobile device, users have to check the phone all the time for any updates.
• Unlike other fitness trackers, this app is not wearable.


Tobi is definitely a good health reminder app and could be a good basis for any health improvements. Users can use this to keep their fitness on track and connect with their family members to check their condition every now and then.

This is a great app for doctors in monitoring their patients’ condition and to improve their medication. For fitness trainers, this app is so useful to keep track of their clients’ progress.

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