Tiltagon for iPhone

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Tiltagon for iPhone by Noodlecake Studios Inc in collaboration with Jyri and Piia Kilpeläinen is a fast-paced twitch reflex game which includes lot of tilting. If users have wholly enjoyed minimalistic arcade games which are about skill, such as Super Hexagon and Pivvot, then Tiltagon is worth checking out.

The players always find amazing about these games, where rounds last no more than a few minutes tops, which just keep coming back for many times. Motivation to beat your last best high score has a lot to do with it, but without any reasoning, twitchy reflex games are quality to play on iOS.

Tiltagon for iPhone

Tiltagon simply features numerous hexagons in both the foreground and background. The colors are richt, and they change gradually as players make progress. The animations in the game are fluid with soundtrack is also soothing, as it is packed of electronic tune.

The users experience two modes in Tiltagon such as Hard and Hard+. The Hard is simpler of the two, as players just have to avoid falling off the platforms. Hard+ is not for the faint of heart. The game could also be actively played in either portrait or landscape mode, so choose whatever works better for you.

The players main goal is to collect the cubes for points, while avoiding the moving hexagons, rotating walls, vanishing platforms, and falling off. As users collect a cube, a new platform appears for you to move to and collect. Hence the next platform does not appear until players have collected the cube of the one before it, it’s always going to be interesting and just makes the game more challenging.

Tiltagon for iPhone

A fast-paced, twitch reflex game game can be quite fascinating and engaging. This is particularly due to the fact that the international players will be required to be attentive throughout the period of the game.