The Music School Is Now In Your Pockets with Solfej

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You might want to become a legend in music or even aspire for more. You can be a great singer, a guitarist or love playing pianos at birthday parties. You might be a beginner or a pro; if you have the desire to perfect your music skills then you have a lot of options. The most obvious choice is to take out your mobile and go for an app that would help you polish your music skills.

When you learn music you have many benefits. Be it a kid or an adult, everyone enjoys music. You are never too old to learn music and with this modern era of mobile devices, you can now learn music easily with the help of apps. Solfej is a new means of learning music theory to train your ears regardless of your musical experience. You get access to the beta version of Solfej and all that you must do is to enter your email Id and that’s it. You will be able to access a music school in your pocket in the form of an app.

The app serves as a full-length guide to music theory, ear training and rhythm. It gives you training on these categories and also tells you a recommended path to learn music. The most impressive thing about Solfej is that, it comes in a very simple language that makes it easier for you to understand. The lessons are much interactive and practical. Music building blocks, Majors and Minors, Harmony/Intervals, Note durations and what not? The app has almost everything that you need to know about music.

It relieves us from the hassles of going through Wikipedia, YouTube and others to learn them. You made end up confused when you search and may not know where to begin and where to end. Solfej makes everything clear for you. New lessons are being added by the team every month and so you never run outdated. It is one best way to learn music theory as it takes care of even complex topics.

The team is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you can always stay updated as you follow them. The app is to be available for all iOS devices very soon. There is an interactive blog session in the website that discusses different topics and you can also subscribe to their newsletters to stay tuned with the latest stories on your inbox.

Download Solfej – music theory app and get access to unlimited delightful lessons and take your music skills to the next level.

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