The most effective app to help you reduce your screen time

by Oct 29, 2020Android Game Reviews0 comments

5.4 hours. That’s how much time the average American spends on their phone. We check our phones, on average, 96 times a day. While our phones provide us with benefits – we can work, talk to friends, entertain ourselves and stay informed – they can also be huge distractions. Family time is compromised, we stop being present and our productivity plummets.

There’s no question that the world could benefit from managing their screen time a little better. That’s where Spotty Time comes in, a new screen time management app available to download on Google Play.

It works by letting you choose time slots on a daily or weekly basis when you want to avoid using your phone. Perhaps you’d like to check your phone less at work to be more productive, or you’re going out for dinner with friends and want to resist the urge to spend time on your phone instead of talk. The app blocks certain functions, apps and features to make the thought of using your phone less attractive.

An especially useful feature for parents with tech-savvy kids who can usually find workarounds to digital restrictions, even restarting your phone won’t break Spotty Time’s screen time restriction. By completing phone-free sessions, you earn coins. Coins can be spent in the app and used to customize it with a range of cool, bragging-rights-worthy options.

If you’re looking for a super effective way to reduce your screen time, with a little gamification to make things fun, check out Spotty Time on Google Play today.