The Know for iOS

by May 13, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Everyone knows about that the familiar Peeple app where it qualitatively permits you to review; similarly a recent app called The Know for iOS has been successfully introduced for sake of international app users.

The focus of this latest iOS app is to anonymously connect people to strangers who wish to talk about a person they both know. Yes, the passionate app users could literally crowd fund smack talk. It is earlier actually pegged to be for dating purposes naturally allowing users to view who your love interest has been regularly seeing on the side or scope out the competition.

The Know for iOS

More affirmed that there are no real measures to hinder anyone logging on and talking about a friend, co-employee, tutor, milkman etc. To get started all the users could do is give some personal info about the person you like to talk about. This could be their respective name, age, address, phone number, job, height, hair color, and the type of car they drive, and even quality photo. It is more noted that photo is the only thing that actually remains private.

All of the other details you offer are then used to find the app for people who have also entered this person’s details. That naturally perhaps the scariest thing – someone could have given away your relevant phone number, address, car registration and job without you ever knowing about.  Once if passionate app users get result with the aid of The Know app, after finding a match, the users could see what they have written about their relationship with the person and strike up a valid conversation if you need knowing more.

The Know for iOS

More essential for dating, The Know for iOS is an anonymous social network that professionally connects people who have a relationship with or interest in the same person. They assist you to date smarter by guiding you uncover the dating activity, hookups, and relationship status of people you actually like.