The Complete Guide to CXSports

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CXSports is a SaaS 2.0 monetization technology and digital marketing company that serves sports clubs, players, sports news sites, and other influencers worldwide.

Sponsorships Are Guaranteed

Their primary focus is the incremental monetization of the digital league, team, and player assets through our sponsored Money Pages, as shown in the example below. Through these Money Pages, they can offer guaranteed sponsors to any league, team, or athlete, regardless of level of play, language, or country of origin. You can contact us to launch your own Money Page at no cost to you.


They helped the team look forward to a future beyond what anyone thought possible by respecting its storied past. We completely rebuilt the Sarlat Rugby Club. They have reconnected the club with its community roots and met our fans where they were most comfortable: on the field and on social media.

CXSports is completely changing the way fans can support their favourite teams. They have created a platform where fans from all over the world can support teams that are meaningful to them.

CXSports provides amateur and semi-professional sports clubs the know-how and resources they need to build brands, communities, and self-sustaining revenue streams.

They provide tools to help clubs navigate the process of brand reinvention, building in-person and online audiences, and establishing sustainable business practices that will help the club grow and expand for years to come.

Do You Want To Boost Your Team?

Rather than struggling to stay afloat, we assist you in establishing your brand basics, building an international community of devoted fans, and monetizing your newfound following. You, too, can exponentially increase your operational budget with a solid marketing foundation and the right tools.


Fintech sponsorship is no longer limited to professional sports teams and athletes. You don’t have to be a celebrity to get sponsorship money from fintech companies. The Money Page module from CXSports levels the playing field for everyone in the value chain.


The world has changed, and gaming sponsors generate millions of dollars annually in athlete, team, and league sponsorship revenue. But getting your hands on that purse isn’t going to be easy. CXSports’ Money Pages come in handy here, delivering hundreds of relationships on a silver platter.


This is a splendid web app that will appeal to anyone who is looking for a change.

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