GigMePro – Digital marketing for Artists

GigMePro – Digital marketing for Artists

Producers of everything in the world need brand recognition to prove their existence and standing unique among the crowd. Modern technology of applications and social networking has become a boon to the people who incline to create brands. Social networking unlocked a new way of marketing through the increasing usage of smartphones and the internet in the world. GigMePro is a disparate kind of application designed to help artists and creators.

GigMePro is developed by Joshua Nicholson who is a musician and experienced artist for more than 20 years. He constructs a new strategy of marketing for artists, singers, professional dancers, and creators. From start-ups to brands demands a social network to find their customers, here artists can show their works directly through the app GigMePro and gain consumers.

Artists and consumers can create an account in GigMePro and create their profiles for free. Artists are allowed to upload their pictures, albums, and videos on their profile which shows their creativity and uniqueness among the fellow creators. Also, they can put statuses to show the current projects you working on and attract customers from the app itself. Artists can manage their booking schedules and prices directly with the consumers and fellow creators.

Consumers who always passionate about music or any art can’t find the artist effortlessly and also there are middlemen behind the artists who pick the customers for them. With the help of GigMePro consumers can find their artists directly by scrolling through all the tabs while sitting at the home, office, or park from their smartphones. This expeditious network is the nature of digital marketing and very compact when compared to other mediums of marketing.

An attractive and bold interface drives many artists and consumers to surf on GigMePro which causes the growth of artists at an unprecedented level. GigMePro crafted with a very strong algorithm that prevents user data from theft and the developer also assured that no data would be collected from this app.

Consumers can book any artist through GigMePro and give their rates and reviews about the artists. Also, creators can rate and review the consumers which both parties are accountable for the actions that don’t comply with the agreements that were made between the two.

GigMePro available at AppStore and apple smartphones with iOS11.0 and later versions were needed to be work with, App comes under the social networking category. This application attracts a wide range of artists and is rated with five stars which shows its popularity among the artists and consumers.

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Ultimate video creation and editing platform- Clideo

Ultimate video creation and editing platform- Clideo

There are many reasons to edit your video footage on your smartphone, but most of us want to display our videos on Advertising and Social media platforms like Instagram stories, Youtube, Facebook, or What’s app statuses. Whatever the reason I am here to give an amazing solution for your vlogging needs, Crop and Resize-Clideo app is a great choice for iPhone users and you don’t need a powerful desktop to edit videos anymore.

Clideo comes with a minimalistic bold interface with novel options to trim your videos. It supports all video formats which you can think of whether it is AVI, MP4, and even the MOV. This app does everything in a few minutes, All you have to do is applying your artistic knowledge- based on your need.

Once you installed the app you have to drag your video from your phone, also you can upload the file from Google Drive or Dropbox. Then you can crop your videos and resize based on your needs.

If you are going through all the effort to creating video content, you need to make sure of which platform you are going to post. For this special kind of need Crop and Resize app provides preset dimensions for 90 different social media platforms, so you don’t have to worry about selecting dimensions, and also you can manually input your dimensions.

In the background of the app you can choose colors with frame otherwise you can make it blurry according to your wish. Every post on social media needs attention from viewers, to create a unique video with proper dimension and background to serve a perfect worthy content.

Clideo doesn’t compromise with the quality of your video, it gives the editing with high quality, You don’t need to browse any online video editors after installing  Clideo, it comes with the English language with the size of 27 MB. You will appreciate the Softo limited which provides such a stylish application for your usage.

Clideo promises an easy way to produce shoppable videos. The new updates in the app give improved video saving and more convenient support requests, you can easily get supports from

Crop and resize app is coming under the video editing category in the App Store as free of cost. It needs an iPhone or iPad with i12.2 and a later version to work. Your videos are protected with the premium security encryption that comes with it. Also, you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to pursue more professional features like watermark-free videos for your video post.

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Connect with Services in the City Using Make Easy

Connect with Services in the City Using Make Easy

There are a ton of apps in the market that aids users in getting things done. These assist you to look out for services that you desire in just a few seconds. One app that I came across recently is Make Easy. This app helps users to get things done from anywhere.

Introduced by Online Future Ltd, Make Easy is a safe means to get individuals finish the task you desire. The app falls under the entertainment category and it features people belonging to that field. In this app, we can find people who are models, entertainers, dancers, masseurs and a lot others. What causes Make Easy the best one for use is, it has a wonderful design with an easy-to-use interface. The app helps you to find the services that you like and also sell the services that you are good at.

Make Easy is not like other expensive agents that asks for more money and consumes your time. In order to use this app, the users must just select a profile type. Those who sign in must either be a client or a service provider. The menu of the app has items that are profile, messages, options and search icons. The profile is where you set up your own identity by entering a few details of yours and establish what it is that you do by displaying the ratings. The message column is where you see the messages sent to the individuals as well as services, to get done what you prefer.  With the use of the search tab, users can search for a particular job or a service.

All the search results in Make Easy are sorted out based on the location which can be either near or far. The app also allows users to create a group of their own and we can start a chat with the members as well. We have the freedom to exit from the group when required.

Make Easy requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and works fine on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is available in English and it is best suited for all adults. It has come with in-app purchases and they are Make Easy provider access and Make Easy user access at $0.99 each.

Download Make Easy today and start finding services related to entertainment without any hassles. The app is so handy when it comes to finding out and offering services.  

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If you own an iPhone, then it might be difficult for you to share media on another device. Earlier there were no inbuilt Bluetooth in the iPhones, but now there is Bluetooth and you can share the media on the cross platforms as well. However, sometimes you are unable to discover the nearby devices on a new device and it becomes a hassle. You may want to keep an eye on the devices near you. What if I introduce to you an app which helps you to find the devices near you and connect with them using Bluetooth? Yes, there is an amazing app called SNIFFERTONwhich easily helps you to discover the devices near you! All you need is to have this app installed on both the devices that you want to connect with. You can easily track the activities on the other device if it’s connected using Snifferton.

Snifferton lets you find any Bluetooth device that comes in contact with your mobile device. You will automatically see the list of the devices that are near your Smartphone and pair with them easily. This app has been developed by Thomas Thompson under the category of utilities. The app requires iOS 13.2 or any later version of your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The app allows you to mark individual devices in order to monitor their activity. It can be very helpful if you want to track your family member’s device and want to share something or subscribe to their settings, etc.

It doesn’t matter where you go and start using the app. Snifferton automatically saves multiple locations, and lets them sync up with the other Snifferton devices near you! You don’t need to pair again and again with the devices you connected earlier. Whenever they are in range, your phone displays the name of those devices. The app allows scanning for devices up to half a football length. You can imagine how it is! Whenever there is any new device nearby your Smartphone, the app alerts the user about that device closer to you! It doesn’t matter whether you connect with an Android Operating System or an iOS platform. This app works with all the platforms flawlessly. You can share media or anything via this Bluetooth app without using the Internet.

The interface of the app is quite good and it’s an easy to use app. When there are new devices near your Smartphone, the app displays them in a list with their names and other details. Then you can monitor their activity and connect with the one you want to! The best thing about the app which I liked is that you can keep track of as many devices as you like!

Overall, I must say Snifferton is an amazing app for the iOS users to discover the Bluetooth devices near their Smartphones and connect with them easily and check who is spying on your data! I highly recommend it to you if you own an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch! Go for it now!

Pros: discover devices via Bluetooth; connect with devices nearby; alerts you; easy to use; works on cross-platform; free to use.

Cons: none.

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Flash: Full screen caller ID: REVIEW

Flash: Full screen caller ID: REVIEW

It is common that we need to know the name of the caller who gives us a call through our mobile phone. There are many caller Ids in the app market that deals with this issue that whenever a call is received the user will be notified of the caller’s name. But this is not a viable plan as there are many people with the same name. It usually takes a person a facial recognition to know who the caller is. Flash is the future of the caller ID applications. Using Flash you can send instant videos and images to your friend on the line and share what you are at, with them.

How to use Flash:

You can instantly convert your picture in to a caller ID so that your friends will get to know what you are up to once you call them. It also lets you edit your pictures, text your friends and send protected and secure pictures to your friends.

You can even send in a ‘Hidden flash’ feature that deletes itself making your flash remain a secret. You can confidently share your videos, pictures with your friends, organize events, poke at each other with jokes and emojis with the ‘Hidden flash’ feature.

It is also possible to send private and time limited pictures to your contacts so that the file you sent gets deleted at the time you set. The photo editor adds captions to your pictures, and videos before you send them. The ‘Hidden flash’ feature allows pictures to be password protected and can also delete themselves once you give the command. Having a group conversation through Flash is also possible.


  • Edit pictures
  • Add emojis and captions to pictures and videos before sending them
  • Hid pictures and videos
  • Password protected content
  • Messenger application

Compatible with:


developed by:

Flash App LLC