Sophrosyne – The Perfect Book App for Mystery Lovers

Sophrosyne – The Perfect Book App for Mystery Lovers

Most smartphones have a bigger display that makes reading easier. We can also increase the font size to the next level so that we don’t have to worry about smaller texts and we can turn our reading experience as per our preferences. E-books apps are of various kinds and if you have an interest in reading mystery, you can download Sophrosyne.

Sophrosyne is a greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined with well-balanced individual paves way to other good qualities like moderation, prudence, purity and a lot more. Sophrosyne stories feature this and they always give you a good reading experience. An app is launched by this name on November 2, 2019. You can simply read gripping stories using this.

What is the app about?

Sophrosyne belongs to the News and Magazines category and it has got ten commute length stories that would fascinate all the mystery lovers. It gets you to read the novel written by the author Felix Long. The app features the story of a detective named Hubert Maimone who solves a series of bizarre deaths that all lead back to him. We will never be able to guess how until we read the tale.

Working of Sophrosyne:

Just pay and download it via Google Play or the App Store to read the book. Tap on the book you want to read and there you go. Another novel by the author is Conquer Heaven that is full of action and here, ‘Indiana Jones’ meets ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and you can read this story when you make a purchase through the app.

About the Author:

Inspired by many writers like HP Lovecraft, PG Wodehouse and Barbara Kingsolver, Author Felix Long has come up with many short stories. The author’s first book is Conquer Heaven and he is rewriting Habnab and will soon plan to start on Huldofolk Magic. The author has planned to write three books after finishing them.

The official website is where you get to know about him and his works. You can read the short stories and like, share them with your friends on Facebook. You can subscribe to the mailing list by giving your name and email address on the website.

Sophrosyne can be downloaded at a price of $2.99 and it is suitable for all those above 16 years of age. It has got a neat interface and is guaranteed to offer you an awesome read.

Worth Having app – Download the App

Improve Your Emotional Health with NeuraBoot

Improve Your Emotional Health with NeuraBoot

In the United States, almost half of adults will experience a mental illness during their lifetime ー don’t let your mental health go untreated! With NeuraBoot, now available on iOS, you can check-in with yourself daily and improve your overall well-being in the process.

NeuraBoot has the most impactful emotional and mood management tools built-in one place. From self-care to stress management to anxiety relief, you can rest assured that you’re covered. The best part is that the app is clinically-proven to work! You won’t be relying on something hippy dippy, pseudo science, or half-baked practices. Your mental health will be kicked into peak shape with NeuraBoot! 

There’s power in routine. So just like exercising your muscles in the gym, NeuraBoot works the same with your mind! The app will get you in the habit of tracking yourself daily so you can analyze your thoughts & feelings. From there, you can make the necessary changes! The app is also equipped with many tips to manage stress.

You can download NeuraBoot on iOS now.

Layers of Fear – go for Horror

Layers of Fear – go for Horror

Layers of Fear is story-driven psychological horror at its finest.

Delve deep into the mind of a crazy painter, gradually losing his mind. Explore a beautifully creepy Victorian-era mansion as you uncover the secret to his madness, where each turn of the camera can change the look of the world around you.

This is absolutely the kind of game you’ll want to play in a dark room with your headphones on, or the kind of game you’ll play for a minute, turn off and be too scared to ever play again.

The game is Layers of Fear – available to download now on iOS – from award winning studio Bloober Team. Their Layers of Fear series, previously on console and PC, amassed a whopping 5 million players and lots of praise from critics. Now they have brought the fear to mobile, with a few extras.

New items and interactions have been added, and controls have been totally optimized for mobile, using a responsive point and click movement system. It’s effortless to move around the game world and appreciate the detail and effort that has gone into the original artwork & music for the game. The result is an immersive, beautifully creepy world.

The game scares you in genius and unexpected ways, made even scarier as you can’t trust your senses. When I said you play as an insane painter, you really do. Turning the camera can give unexpected results, changing the way your character views the world. It’ll leave you questioning your judgement as you play through the game’s gripping story. There are multiple ways to progress through the story, too.

Check out Layers of Fear exclusively on iOS, or check out their websites and for more information.

Love doing stuff with friends? This is THE app for you.

Love doing stuff with friends? This is THE app for you.

And if you don’t like doing things with friends, this app might encourage you to change your mind! I’m talking about bthere, available to download on iOS and Android now.

This new social app is kicking up a storm, having attracted over 100k users to its beta program. The premise is simple – create a “circle”, hang out with your friends and earn rewards. There are some incredible safety features here, too, which are bound to be useful, especially at events where the group is prone to splitting up.

Once you’ve created your “circle” you can use it like any other group messaging app. Send hilarious GIFs, memes, images and react to your friends’ messages. It’s a streamlined, feature-packed messaging tool and worth checking out for that feature alone.

Using passive location tracking (which has a minimal impact on battery life) the app rewards members of your circle when you’re hanging out with each other in real-life. The aim is to empower real-life connections and reduce the time we spend talking to friends from behind a screen. The more you hang out, the more coins you’ll earn. You can spend the cons on bthere swag or get killer discounts at brands they’ve partnered with such as ASOS, Bird, Bumble, Postmates and more – the list is growing all the time as the app acquires new partners.

If you’re heading to a crowded event, going travelling, on a short vacation or anywhere with a group of friends, bthere is an essential tool to increase group safety. The location sharing feature means you’ll know where everybody is, while the battery status tracker tells you whether someone’s phone is about to die so you can arrange to meet them before it does. An SOS button alerts members of the circle in case of emergency, so you can alert your friends when you need urgent help. While being rewarded for hanging with friends is great, the real value of the app lies in its ability to help you stay safe while out with friends & family.

Download the app for free on iOS and Android today!

YEET ー The Hottest Meme Maker of 2019

YEET ー The Hottest Meme Maker of 2019

Meme Machine is the video editing app that’ll launch you to fame, whether or not you’re a brand new creator or a viral content making guru. How?

Meme Machine was built taking into account everything that makes a video eventually go viral. You can add emoji, text, and graphics to videos seamlessly. The app is extremely easy for anyone to use, taking out all of the confusion and hassle of your typical video editor.

Another feature that’ll skyrocket your memes over the others is the motion tracking. You can add different elements to the video, and they’ll follow along to the flow of the video. You have to see it to believe it!

If you don’t have any funny videos on hand, don’t worry. Meme Machine is packed with the hottest memes you can edit for yourself. Choose from viral hits like, “Watch Me Whip, “Thanos Snap,” “Bruhh,” “Trump Draws,” “Hello Darkness My Old Friend,” “Gangnam Style,” “Star Wars Kid,” AND more!

If you’re ready to become the next big Instagram meme account, download Meme Machine on the App Store today!