Flash: Full screen caller ID: REVIEW

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It is common that we need to know the name of the caller who gives us a call through our mobile phone. There are many caller Ids in the app market that deals with this issue that whenever a call is received the user will be notified of the caller’s name. But this is not a viable plan as there are many people with the same name. It usually takes a person a facial recognition to know who the caller is. Flash is the future of the caller ID applications. Using Flash you can send instant videos and images to your friend on the line and share what you are at, with them.

How to use Flash:

You can instantly convert your picture in to a caller ID so that your friends will get to know what you are up to once you call them. It also lets you edit your pictures, text your friends and send protected and secure pictures to your friends.

You can even send in a ‘Hidden flash’ feature that deletes itself making your flash remain a secret. You can confidently share your videos, pictures with your friends, organize events, poke at each other with jokes and emojis with the ‘Hidden flash’ feature.

It is also possible to send private and time limited pictures to your contacts so that the file you sent gets deleted at the time you set. The photo editor adds captions to your pictures, and videos before you send them. The ‘Hidden flash’ feature allows pictures to be password protected and can also delete themselves once you give the command. Having a group conversation through Flash is also possible.


  • Edit pictures
  • Add emojis and captions to pictures and videos before sending them
  • Hid pictures and videos
  • Password protected content
  • Messenger application

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Flash App LLC