Layers of Fear – go for Horror

by Oct 30, 2019General0 comments

Layers of Fear is story-driven psychological horror at its finest.

Delve deep into the mind of a crazy painter, gradually losing his mind. Explore a beautifully creepy Victorian-era mansion as you uncover the secret to his madness, where each turn of the camera can change the look of the world around you.

This is absolutely the kind of game you’ll want to play in a dark room with your headphones on, or the kind of game you’ll play for a minute, turn off and be too scared to ever play again.

The game is Layers of Fear – available to download now on iOS – from award winning studio Bloober Team. Their Layers of Fear series, previously on console and PC, amassed a whopping 5 million players and lots of praise from critics. Now they have brought the fear to mobile, with a few extras.

New items and interactions have been added, and controls have been totally optimized for mobile, using a responsive point and click movement system. It’s effortless to move around the game world and appreciate the detail and effort that has gone into the original artwork & music for the game. The result is an immersive, beautifully creepy world.

The game scares you in genius and unexpected ways, made even scarier as you can’t trust your senses. When I said you play as an insane painter, you really do. Turning the camera can give unexpected results, changing the way your character views the world. It’ll leave you questioning your judgement as you play through the game’s gripping story. There are multiple ways to progress through the story, too.

Check out Layers of Fear exclusively on iOS, or check out their websites and for more information.