Tag a moment #Camera Organizer

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At the point when you ask people what assets they would safeguard from their burning house, one of the most successive answers is the photo collection or a PC with their computerized pictures. When in alarm mode it’s intriguing that we would likely get photographs instead of significant things. This drive to spare our recorded recollections is an incredible power which reveals to us much about the duty of photography in our lives and our consistent want to distil our most valuable minutes into pictures. Photos are our own story, a course of events of our carries on with loaded up with countenances and places that we love. They are our story, which we can impart to other people. The several pictures meet up to shape an account of our lives.

Developed by:

‘Tag a moment #Camera Organizer’ was designed and offered by ’Erik Stieler’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Tag a moment #Camera Organizer’ app on your device. Now start clicking pictures of beautiful things and moments around you. A person’s camera gallery is usually in a clutter if the person loves clicking pictures. But when you wish to search for a particular picture it becomes difficult because of the clutter. With ‘Tag a moment #Camera Organizer’ app you can easily manage your pictures with just voice commands.

Features of the app:

Tag a moment #Camera Organizer’ has many attractive features of which some are listed here.

  • Add voice based hashtags for the pictures
  • Saves time while searching for pictures in the gallery
  • Voice controlled and intuitive app
  • Create separate collections of pictures using hashtags
  • Search pictures based on keywords and hashtags
  • Easier photo management

Website : http://www.tagamoment.net/

Compatible with:

Tag a moment #Camera Organizer’ works on iOS devices.