SteamWorld Heist for iPhone

by Nov 18, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

SteamWorld Heist for iPhone by Image & Form International AB is a turn-based strategy RPG illustrated with Western robot pirates. If players like old Western shootout and love futuristic elements then they will applaud what SteamWorld Heist has to offer.

SteamWorld Heist simply features amazing aesthetics that immerse you into the game world. The robot characters, illustrating your own space pirate crew, all have their own special unique outfits and appearances that will attract you.

SteamWorld Heist for iPhone

The colors in this interesting game range from darker tones to bright and vibrant lights with special lasers. The sound effects are good to listen to; specifically as you hear your bullets ricochet off of the walls and hit your massive target.

SteamWorld Heist game offers global players to take control of Captain Piper Faraday and her crew of steam-powered robot pirates in space. As the Captain, the players must guide her and the crew through enemy spaceships to plunder whatever you can find on them. The story will lead you through many procedurally generated levels that all have own peculiar mission objectives.

The game provides users with about 15 to 20 hours of game play, and a New Game+ mode for even more epic loot. The controls in SteamWorld Heist are intuitive, and feel natural for the touch screen. For moving your characters, players could pick the member they wish to direct from the bottom left and then point-and-click where you want them to go. Another good thing about the game is the fact that you have three games save slots available from the get-go.

SteamWorld Heist for iPhone

To attack enemies, they could tap on your target and then tap again to shoot. While global players can pick their difficulty level respectively as Casual, Regular, Experienced, Veteran, and Elite at the start of the game. Finally the visuals are stunning, the music is soothing, and the characters are interesting.