It is enumerated that when I’m under a lot of expectation towards latest mobile game app arrivals and sometimes I do feel like I’ve played the best casual arcade shooter games that the Play Store has to offer, also I can’t assist but always be on the search out for quality sci-fi casual arcade shooter games that may surprise up, and Star Zone app developed by Luis Moral Guerrero is certainly one of them.

Star Zone is a sci-fi casual arcade shooter game where you have to defend your spaceship from waves of enemies commanding your ship to victory. It is absolutely challenging and hard to master; test your skills and reflexes versus asteroids, fighters, frigates, cruisers and more features.

How to Play Star Zone

  • Tap anywhere in the screen to shot
  • Tap on your ship to activate the shield
  • Pick any booster dropped by enemy ships

Key Features of Star Zone

  • It is easy to play, challenging to master
  • You can complete missions and unlock harder challenges
  • Possible to upgrade your ship weapons and systems
  • You can use different strategy for different enemies
  • Compete with other players in the online leaderboard

Important Characteristics of Star Zone app

  • Amazing gameplay concepts
  • Simplicity and Stunning graphics
  • Fast loading time & Good Performance
  • Compatibility and Engaging gameplay
  • Compactness  and Visually appealing
  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • High quality graphics in this game play
  • Entertaining sci-fi casual arcade shooter game

How the app works:

Download and install the Star Zone app on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the game on your device and start playing. So far I’m relishing the prosperous experience.


As a lover of Star Zone app developed by Luis Moral Guerrero it is one that did completely entertains me. The game play is interesting and makes me think about from a different perspective, and it’s just downright fun to play.