Spiral Splatter for iOS

by Aug 4, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Spiral Splatter for iOS by Thumbspire Inc. is a deceptively simple arcade puzzle game that would keep global users occupied for hours on end. If you enjoyed other popular games then you will like what Spiral Splatter brings to the table.

It’s the arcade games that keep reflexes sharp and on point, while the puzzles stimulate brain so it doesn’t wholly turn to mush by the end of the day. Generally, when you combine the two genres, you end up with a challenging, fast-paced puzzle that will keep users on toes throughout the leisure time. That’s why when people heard of Spiral Splatter, it was intrigued and completely appreciated from all corners of users.

Spiral Splatter for iOS

Spiral Splatter is simple and clean, which will definitely appeal to the minimalists. The game greatly features brightly colored backgrounds with subtle color gradients, and contrasting white black lines. The users could find 11 different “stages” in Spiral Splatter, which are actually chapters.

Each of these valuable stages is broken up into about 10 levels each and like many games, it goes with a star system, so global players could earn up to three stars on each level, depending on quality performance. The key objective is simple where one has to get the white ball to the target by assisting it through a maze. As users get through the stages, new elements get introduced, namely as lasers that require deactivating before you could actually pass.

Spiral Splatter for iOS

As you make mistakes, the screen would flicker red, and when you crash into a wall or obstacle and die, the whole screen shakes a bit and users leave a splatter behind. The animations are smooth and fluid in the game with soothing, atmospheric soundtrack that is best experienced. If you prefer to try again without making an error, then users can just restart. Altogether this interesting game is wholly applauded from all corners of users.