Spectrum 6 for iPhone

by Aug 31, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

One amazing thing that every passionate player would want is a chance to freely express different skills without any limitation. Spectrum 6 for iPhone would certainly offer exclusive entertainment for users. It was professionally designed by Marc Joel Jamero.

This is a puzzle game which is all about mixing up colors and attaining them to their right place. If players enjoyed games like Blyss, then they enjoy Spectrum 6, as it’s a puzzle game offering refreshing new game play mechanic.

Spectrum 6 for iPhone

Spectrum 6 has a nice aesthetic that is wholly pleasing to the eyes. The backdrops feature calm color gradients which actually help in putting your mind at ease. This app looks amazing with the minimalistic design, the music and sounds are soothing. T the controls are easy enough for any players to pick-up-and-play.

The animations in the game are smooth, and it’s always entertaining to watch the colors get mixed together and transition into a new shade. The game includes 63 levels that are spread out across nine different chapters. The players also have tutorial stages that describes you the ropes.

The main goal of each stage is to mix the colors properly and simply assign colors to specific spots on the grid, as players can tell by the dot color on the spaces. It sounds simple but players have to know which primary colors red, yellow, and blue are needed to make secondary colors orange, green, and violet, and get them to their perfect spots without tainting other colors along the respective way.

Spectrum 6 for iPhone

The controls in Spectrum 6 are easy enough to understand. The players get a perfect and three stars if they immediately solve it in the fewest moves possible. In situations if players end up with more moves, they actually lose a star or two, depending on how you do. Eventually Spectrum 6 is a true brain teaser and if global users make a mistake, they could simply restart the stage with the button at the top.