Spaces for Android

by Jun 3, 2016Android App Reviews0 comments

In case you haven’t heard, Google has professionally released a new messaging app called Spaces. Everyone predict that it might be the future of Google+? Truth be told, they are not really sure what Google wants it to be, but Spaces for Android would certainly be amazing and interesting.

If you’re on the passionate way about giving Spaces a try its available now for android, iOS and both the desktop and mobile Web. Here’s our some guide to everything you should know about Google’s latest app venture. It is enumerated that conversations are a central aspect of Spaces, but it’s not absolutely traditional messaging app in the way Messenger, WhatsApp or Google’s own Hangouts are. Your conversations each live within the namesake ‘spaces,’ which specially cater to particular topics rather than specific people.

Spaces for Android

The users could have a space for activities like your next summer vacation or planning a book club, or you could use it to collecting images, links and interesting videos of things that cherish your attention. There are presently three post types: respectively as links (comprising YouTube videos and GIFs), photos, and text.

More importantly, these all open right within the Spaces app if you’re on a mobile device, so users would not regularly switching between apps. The users could also comment on each post individual post, and even qualitatively maintain a conversation while reading quality link or watching a video.

Spaces for Android

You could, in theory, make spaces just for chatting with individual people. This is not a Hangouts replacement text is the last option among several post types. The discussions around content take priority over your independent thoughts. Moreover Spaces being used mainly by small groups of friends, family or coworkers who might require coordinating a plan or easily like to discuss common interests. Altogether this app would satisfy all needs of users.