Space Marshals 2 for iPhone

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Space Marshals 2 for iPhone by Pixelbite is the popular sequel to the original Space Marshals. The game is a nice blend of tactical combat and stealth in a dual-stick shooter format. They have quality, console-like tactical top-down shooters, which certainly satisfy users need.

The global users can just jump right in to Space Marshals 2 and have an entertaining time. It is also best considered being a console-quality game, and so one won’t be disappointed with this purchase. Space Marshals 2 has quality 3-D graphics which are amazing and look likes something you would find it on home consoles.

Space Marshals 2 for iPhone

The game is wholly rendered in high definition with Metal. The spaceships have unique sharp designs, and character models exhibited with realistic movements. The cut scenes are so much captivating as they illustrate bigger plots behind the story, and the animations are gorgeous.

The game of Space Marshals 2 is a level-based tactical combat stealth game where users have to advance through relevant story by going through each stage and actively clearing one-by-one. There’s a story behind everything and would see several boss battles that users have to overcome too. The numbers of objectives and bosses keeps the familiar game fresh and thrilling on each new mission. In order to make it feel more realistic, there is recoil from your weapon, so it takes a few seconds before users could fire again.

Space Marshals 2 for iPhone

By tapping anywhere on the screen allows user to switch between Offensive and Stealth mode. The users can use Stealth mode to avoid being detected by enemies as well as sneaking up on them from behind to take them out quietly. If global users are in Stealth, it is possible to see the enemy’s line of sight as the red area in front of them, so avoid carefully being seen by taking cover behind walls and boxes.