Space Grunts for iPhone

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Space Grunts for iPhone by Pascal Bestebroer is a fast-paced roguelike that mixes both arcade action with turn-based game play. Even though global users have gone through hundreds of games on iOS devices over the years, there will always be the one genre that keeps coming back to for mobile for sheer entertainment purposes.

In this game of traditional Orangepixel style, Space Grunts actively goes with quality retro 16-bit pixel art graphical style that is so treat for the soothing eyes. The soundtrack extracts you into the game world, and the chiptune sound effects are specifically nostalgia.

Space Grunts for iPhone

The controls in Space Grunts are simple. In the bottom left is a virtual D-pad for moving your relevant character up, down, left, and right. On the right side of the screen, there is a button for attacking with the presently selective weapon, which you can view in the top left corner. There are virtually three weapons that you start with such as rifle, frag, and plasma.

It is said that each of them has their unique range, which is described by the red outlines that illustrate up in front of your character as you move further. If you wish to switch weapons, just tap on the button that is above the attack button. In the bottom center, there is a map button that perfectly allows you to view the level you’re on and all of the rooms that players have visited so far.

So what exactly is Space Grunts? The game’s story takes place during 2476, where Earth’s own space-federation has been immensely building several moon-bases across the galaxy. It is revealed that distress signal has been coming from one of those bases, and the Space Grunts, an intelligent group of intergalactic problem solvers are effectively sent out to investigate the signal.

Space Grunts for iPhone

In this interesting game, the players could pick from three Space Grunts such as Captain, Strongarm, and TechJunky, with each of them having their own strengths and weaknesses that you could actually see before starting a run. The quality stats for each character include strength – weapon power, tech -item usage and luck- item finding.