Solitairica for iOS

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Solitairica for iOS by Righteous Hammer Games Inc. is an insanely fun mashup of roguelike RPG and solitaire. If users are passionate fan of RPG combat, roguelike progression, and traditional card games, then users are truly in for a treat with Solitairica.

Solitaire is a game that users has played several times at some point in their life, whether you were just killing time before leaving for work or just to give your brain a bit of stimulation. The graphics in Solitairica are unique, as everything is professionally done in humorous and cartoonish style.

Solitairica for iOS

The backgrounds for each environment appear hand drawn and have a nice canvas-like texture, which make the enemy monster avatars and cards look crisper on your Retina screen.

In this interesting game of Solitairica, the players take on the role of a warrior who is the last chance that the land of Myrroid has to defeat the evil Emperor Stuck and his dark forces. He has to recover all of the stolen hearts. For doing this, users have to reach the castle, but there would be a lot of enemies who will make sure that doesn’t happen.

The players have to engage in turn-based battles through solitaire and actively collect the four energies namely attack, defense, agility, and willpower to overcome your foes and continue forth to the Castle of Stuck.

The users and the enemy take turns. On your turns, the players will check the current card drawn and then tap on the card stacks that illustrate cards that are one higher or one lower than the drawn card, just as you do in solitaire. Once all cards are eliminated from the board, then players win in successful manner.

Solitairica for iOS

You could also experience high replay value due to the several decks, card upgrades, spells, items, and randomly generated levels, so it’s interesting game that one should be spending enjoyable time with.