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The world’s most intelligent translator – Translate without speaking

Smart Translator is a free language translator app that includes voice translation, text translation, and chat translation. The app has more languages to translate from and to.

With Smart Translator, you can talk in your native language with your friends in another language without having to change apps or use a third-party service. It works by translating your speech into text and then translating the text into the other language so you can speak it out loud. Smart Translator is a powerful tool that you can use for free on Android devices!

Smart Translator app is All-in-one language free translator includes voice translation,Chat translation, Text translation, Image translation . This translator will let the language learning is no longer a barrier where you can translate more than languages like English to Arabic, English to Hindi etc

You can use our Smart Translator app during travels to other country . Business such as export or global customer handling, while studying a language , communicating with others or can be used as dictionary.

Smart translator application has endless usage and free all-in-one translator which can translate multiple languages on the go.

Main Features

  • Supports translation for more than 100 languages.
  • 1-1 Chat with anyone around the world Translate image using Camera AI Translation
  • Translate voice via a voice translator app.
  • Translate image by uploading image from the gallery
  • Can be used as Dictionary from Hindi to English, Arabic to English etc

All-in-one Language translator                                
It includes not only text, and voice translation but also one-to-one chat with anyone around the world in your preferred language. This will act as a catalyst where language means no barrier between the person. Its unique AI Camera feature will help you translate any image, book, newspaper or important document anytime on the go.

Text Translation
Translation of any words, Phrase or even text during a conversation on Whatsapp, messenger

Voice Translation
Real-time Speech translation from one language to another. Just click on Mic and speak and you will get your text.

Photo  translator
Try our Smart OCR (Optical character recognition) feature in which any image, document or book can be translated to another language.Just Click picture of image through your mobile camera and there you go with the translated image on your phone

Chat translator
Try our newest feature Chat in which 1-1 communication is possible through our chat translation feature. No sign up is needed. 

Just provide your email id with us for security reasons and get your chat code. Share your chat code with whom you want to communicate and you are comfortable chat with your partner, friends colleague anytime anywhere in your preferred language

Internet connection is required.

Take Away

I have been using this translator for a while now and it has helped me learn more languages. It is easy to use, fast and accurate. I am using this app for 3 months and I am really impressed with the quality of the translation. The app is easy to use and offers a variety of languages to choose from. It’s a great tool for those who want to learn more languages but don’t know where to start. I love that you can translate more than just English to Arabic, English to Hindi, or any other language!