Smart Search & Web Browser – Review

by Apr 12, 2017iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Smart Search & Web browser  is a super fast search engine app available for IOS and also android.Its a convenient way of gathering search results on various search engines and also help find your favorite videos, images and music as its incorporated various services and search engines to surf the net. Its also has various functions which cant be found on other browsers.


The application has a rapid launch which makes easy to launch and use in browsing the web and this gives it an advantage over other browser. Its search box compared to any other as it comprises of various services like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Translate, YouTube, Twitter and eBay which enables user to switch quickly in between them. It’s also has a various themes to beautify your search when using.


User Interface

Smart Search features an extremely user-friendly interface that is appropriate for both Android and iOS users. The Smart search app size is not more than 22 MB which enable its loads faster than other browsers in its category. Its small size makes it suitable for instant search instead of launching a web browser.

The application is also available on other apple devices such as iPads and iPod touch . It has four different languages, including English, Russian, Turkish and German, to enable various user across the globe select the language of their choice in order to have a pleasant experience why using the app.

User Experience

Loads of iOS users have rated this app an average of 4.6 stars, and has been downloaded and being used by over 2 million users There are lots of positive reviews from users, saying the app is a better option to the manual offline search on iPhones.

Those who have installed the app has said that the Smart search engine offers wonderful and up-to-date results on their device. Smart Search comprises of good interface that allow easy customization to meet their needs said by majority of users. Unlike most apps it has little or no ads at all.