Slip Away Mystify for iPhone

by Sep 30, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Slip Away Mystify for iPhone by Nanovation is familiar arcade puzzle game that would really put your reflexes to the test. It is a unique arcade and puzzle game that actively test your nerves, reflexes in a mysterious adventure.

In this game of Slip Away Mystify the global users have to survive through the deepest ocean enemies and avoid the pitfalls, obstacles with traps in a journey searching for a key to open the gates to a new respective level.

Slip Away Mystify for iPhone

As users who loves the ocean, it still terrifies to think of what lies at the very bottom of the sea, since it’s a big unknown for international users. The users have seen what it is like in movies but still, it’s almost different feeling. This feeling is something the global users have always wondered and cherished about.

In terms of visual aspects Slip Away Mystify is attractive. The game professionally puts you in a world that describes bottom of the ocean with vibrant jellyfish-like creature. The aquatic environment around global users is filled with dangerous spikes, pitfalls, lasers, weird contraptions, and other relevant oceanic predators. They have full of extensive detail and textures.

The colors ranges from dark settings which are wholly lit up from the numeorus glowing objects and other life forms. It has massive use of contrast in color, and it’s eye-catching. The music in Slip Away Mystify is sensational element, as it is atmospheric and good suspense to the game.

Slip Away Mystify for iPhone

In Slip Away Mystify, the users would have to make their way through 50 hard levels split up between two worlds respectively as Mysterious and Obscure that would virtually test the reflexes of even the most experience players. One has to go through all of the stages one-by-one, unless they effectively manage to collect enough of the yellow gems to skip challenging levels or unlock any new playable characters.