Shyp for Android

by May 9, 2016Android App Reviews0 comments

This familiar Shyp for Android has entirely satisfied passionate app users. It has qualitatively enticed both consumers and investors with their mobile-based, hassle-free shipping program. Now, currently the organization enumerated that it’s made positive changes both cosmetic and structural for sake of huge audience who would just rather not like to go post office.

The Shyp for Android app’s new lucrative redesign simply trades a baby blue and curvy lines for a more blocky, flat look and apt shade of green. The best re-brand is a “serious” change that helped pares down the “mishmash” which was the previous good look. The green represents firm’s vibrant personality, their new approach to reinvigorate an archaic quality industry.

Shyp for Android

The Shyp for Android app now divides itself into two special categories, “Sent” and “Incoming,” which virtually highlights the way that Shyp wish user to think about sending your packages. With Shyp’s latest address-free design, any global app user could connect with someone else to send a respective item via post.

Instead of shipping to an appropriate fixed address, Shyp for Android simply allows users to determine which location would be good to receive a package on-the-fly. So, the global app users could decide if something would rather be sent to your office rather than home.

It is also enumerated that usernames do not show any of the addresses associated with them, so the sender won’t be able to determine any of the personal info of the relevant recipient. For sake of more privacy the users could choose to make their identity on Shyp private, so it’s not searchable through any Contacts.

Shyp for Android

Eventually the users could easily use Shyp to return online purchases, send gifts to friends, family and ship the goods you sell online. It is also possible to reserve your Shyp username to receive shipments, route incoming packages to your preferred delivery location, and send to your contacts without requiring their current address.