Shadow Bug for iOS

by Jul 14, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Shadow Bug for iOS by Muro Studios Ltd. is a gorgeous new action platformer game that would pull you in from the start. If global users enjoy dark and mysterious environments in their puzzle games, then certainly they are going to love Shadow Bug game.

This special game stands out due to the hand drawn environments that you see in the backgrounds and also have quality parallax effect. The game’s art looks exclusive and there’s plenty of information’s, so it’s certain that the developers put a lot of care into the game. The colors are also lucrative, as they range from soft pastels to bold with vibrant hues to inky blacks. All of the enemies that stand in your way appear as nothing more than several black blobs of some kind.

Shadow Bug for iOS

It is also revealed that Shadow Bug offers players with several chapters that have about eight levels each, comprising a boss fight. In Shadow Bug, the passionate players take control of an overpowered ninja hero named Shadow Bug. Evil factory close by has caused some terrible creatures invading his home forest and it’s up to him to take it back by slicing these baleful creatures into pieces.

In every stage, the global users have to slice-and-dice your way through the enemies while reaching the gate at the end. The interesting thing about Shadow Bug is the fact that you only require one hand to play the game. To have Shadow Bug the users could move left or right, just tap-and-hold on the appropriate half of the screen. When any foe appears, just tap on it to attack.

Shadow Bug for iOS

Shadow Bug instantly warps over to the target, so that’s how you get through impossible obstacles and make your way to the gate. Once if global users reach the end gate, they would be awarded up to three shurikens of stars. Moreover the controls are simple enough for anyone to pick up and play. Altogether the users could save home forest from the evil factory by slicing monsters to pieces.