Say goodbye to fishing around for crucial diving information, Scuba Calendar has it all!

by Sep 18, 2018iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Scuba divers, here’s a brand new app that you probably didn’t know you needed until now. Introducing Scuba Calendar, now available to download on iOS! The app provides so much value that it’s hard to cover in just one review!

For starters, you can find out where your favorite animals are hiding out, log different sightings on a map, and report environmental issues at dive sites. There’s also a social element to Scuba Calendar! The app allows you to view what other explorers are doing from around the world! You can check out that information by filtering by country or time of year.

The biggest plus about the app, is the app itself. It’s extremely hard to find this type of information online, so having all reliable information consolidated in one place makes for easy trip planning and documenting! According to many user reviews, there’s no doubt the app will come in handy if you’re frequently in the water.

As of right now, divers can search for more than 30 animals, in over 400 locations, across 70 countries! And the team behind the app is constantly fine-tuning the database to ensure you get the most accurate information.

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