RunGunJumpGun for iPhone

by Nov 17, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

RunGunJumpGun for iPhone by Gambitious Digital Entertainment is a tough as nails game that actually puts a gravity-defying weapon in your hands. One button permits you fly, the other blasts obstacles out of the way.

The game is fast-paced twitchy reflex platformer that is as flashy as it is entirely fun. If global users have enjoyed games like Blitz Breaker, then you’ll certainly enjoy playing RunGunJumpGun.

RunGunJumpGun for iPhone

Visually speaking RunGunJumpGun is amazing display of retro pixel art graphics and vibrant colors. The game is wholly packed with quality amounts of detail, from the textures of the environments to the quality highlights and shadows of objects. The soundtrack for the game is quirky with upbeat mix of hip-hop and electronic.

RunGunJumpGun has entertaining level-based game, and includes three different worlds that each represent own unique challenges distributed all throughout the levels. Currently there are about 40 stages in each world over 120 levels total.

The main goal is simple where users had to get from the beginning point to the end goal by jumping and actively using your jetpack with shooting whatever happens to be in your way while collecting respectively “Atomiks” along the way. The global players also need certain amount of in order to unlock the next worlds.

The controls in RunGunJumpGun are easy, intuitive, and amazingly responsive. Since global player’s character runs automatically, they are in wholly charge of everything else. Since the game is a side scrolling auto runner, players need require making sure that they are fast enough to keep up, because if you fall behind too much, you die and have to start from your last checkpoint.

RunGunJumpGun for iPhone

If global players like to have real challenge, there is also a Marathon Mode that they could unlock to compete for a global high score. Eventually the game is challenging and addictive since users just get determined to get past that point where you keep dying.