Roofbot for iPhone

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Roofbot for iPhone is one of those kinds of games that would make users come regularly to play. The game is developed by Double Coconut LLC and regarded as entertaining puzzle game about a small robot who is trying to cure the planet and save his family.

It is highly suggested for players to try Roofbot if you are looking for a fun, cute, and challenging puzzler to check out. Roofbot is gem to add to the ever-growing collection. When you speak of visuals, the game knocks it out of the park with the attractive, isometric perspective graphics. The game starts out with opening scenes that describe the situation, and these are professionally animated.

Roofbot for iPhone

The levels themselves feature zen-like rooftop architectures that are best composed of ever-changing tiles. The angled perspective makes it so easy to view everything that is happening on the screen and provides it a nice layer of depth. This popular game of Roofbot is level-based with players clearing previous stages in order to actively advance to the next one.

The bubbly sound effects are amazing to hear. Currently there are five different chapters that have 20 levels each. The players are getting a total of 100 challenging puzzles that only get more challenging and complex as you progress.

The vital goal in each puzzle is to reach the glowing portal tile at the end while the tile itself can only be lowered by relatively getting the energy objects into their proper slots. Each move when global players make will either take you to the goal or trap you on the roof, so it is suggested to tread carefully and think about each move before you actually make it. The controls in Roofbot are intuitive.

Roofbot for iPhone

In order to move your robot, the players can just swipe your finger in the direction they like to go in. As there is no scoring mechanism or time restriction, global users can take your time and play the game at your own pace.