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ReviewGain assists local businesses in becoming the highest rated in their area, resulting in 50% more customers via local search, social media, and your website.

ReviewGain Assist You in Obtaining More 5-Star Reviews

  • Respond To Reviews Quickly
  • Measure Your Customer Sentiment
  • Monitor Your Online Reputation 24/7
  • Showcase Your Reviews To Get More Leads.

ReviewGain is also the only Whitelabel reputation management tool designed and priced for small to medium-sized businesses. For only $29 per month, you can add Reputation Management and marketing to your Local SEO Package. Furthermore, you can assist your clients in ranking at the top of local search results and generating more leads from Google and their website.

Choose the Best Tool for You

For Local Businesses

Using this automated review marketing, you can get 10-15 new positive reviews each month as well as new leads from Local Search and Social Media.

For Marketing Agencies

By utilizing this 100% Whitelabel tool, you can provide reputation management to your clients under your domain, logo, and pricing.

Why Is Reputation Management Important for Small and Medium-sized Business Owners?

Dominate Local Search

Smart review management assists you in ranking at the top of Google Local Search. Google values reviews and your responses to reviews.

Get More Customers

Before choosing a business, 98% of customers read online reviews; no customer clicks on a poorly rated business.

Improve Brand Value

Marketing your reviews on your website and social media platforms generates social proof, which improves brand reputation.

Protect Your Reputation

Pay attention to your online reputation and deal with any negative reviews as soon as possible.

Increase Sales

With amazing customer testimonials, you can convert more visitors to your website!

With Smart Review Management, You Can Get More Reviews Every Month

You can generate more 5-star business reviews with our online review service by running SMS and email campaigns. Automated personalised review requests yield one review for every three customers queried!

Final Thoughts

ReviewGain give you the online reputation you deserve, assisting you in converting your website into a money-making machine, allowing up time to run your real-world business.