Review – INME: Period Tracker, Pregnancy, and Ovulation App

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INME: Period Tracker, Pregnancy, and Ovulation app is the application that every woman needs when it is that time of the month. We all know that it is important to understand our body, mostly when it comes to menstruation and ovulation. We never like to be surprised by our periods or by an unwanted pregnancy. And every future mother knows how important it is to be right on time when you want to have a baby. This is when INME comes to your help. You can take it anywhere with you on your iPhone or iPad to make sure that you always have access to this precious information.

No matter what you heard in health class, no woman is the same, and not everyone has a 28-day cycle. If you are wondering how long is your cycle, all you have to do is select “I don’t know” and continue marking the first day of your period. Over the year, the app will calculate your average period and adjust it every month based on the information that you entered. This is how you will know when is your next period, when you are going to be ovulating, and when are your next fertile days. This way, you won’t forget to bring some tampons and pads, but you will also have the chance to have more control over your body and quickly understand if something is different in case you need to see a doctor due to important changed in your menstrual cycle.

-Totally free with no ads.
-You can easily personalize INME by telling it how you are feeling, when you had sex, if you have any symptoms, how heavy is your flow, and more. It will give you the chance to look back at your month and better understand your body.
-You don’t have to count the number of days so no mistakes can be made. The app will tell you in how many days you are menstruating or ovulating.
-INME will tell you if there is a chance that you might get pregnant or not so you’ll always be prepared before any sexual intercourse with your partner.
-You can let the app know if you want to receive a notification the day before your period or when you are ovulating.
-With the Health FAQ, you have access to all the information you need about your period. It is perfect for teenagers who just had their first menstruation and want to know more about their body.
-Using an app to know when you are fertile is not 100% safe if you want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy so you should always use contraception. It is always important to use a condom to be protected against STDs.
-It might take a couple of months before the app really understands how long is your menstrual cycle if you don’t already know it.
-Anyone who is using the birth control pill might not think that this app is really useful.
Overall, we suggest this app for any woman or teenager who wants to know more about their body, which is pretty much almost half of the population on Earth. INME is free, so you should totally give it a try! Download INME: Period Tracker, Pregnancy, and Ovulation and don’t forget to write your feedback on the app so it can become even better.
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