RedZone for iPhone

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If users wish to steer a path away from your local crime hotspots, then RedZone‘s iPhone app is worth choosing out. In a nutshell, their GPS-driven navigation app professionally sources crime data from government institutions and relevant ordinary citizens to effectively map out the most dangerous spots in town in real time.

Unlike other tools like the respective crime reports and crime map that perform a similar task, RedZone not only illustrates locations where crime has occurred, but also assists you stay away from danger by enumerating you the safest way to get from respective point A to point B.

RedZone for iPhone

In order to accomplish this, RedZone takes into account all quality crime data it stores and rules out any possible routes which are actually marked as ‘red zones’. Moreover this popular app’s terms for areas that report high levels of crime. The sort of crime RedZone logs on its map comprises traffic accidents, shootings, thefts, assaults, acts of vandalism and much more.

This app also has a commenting feature which allows global users contribute with additional information and discuss details of incidents at length. As of now, RedZone is available in the U.S. and Israel, but there are future plans to open doors in other effective areas as well. The users could get RedZone for free at the App Store. RedZone is the first navigation app which comprises crime data sourced from the government and by users like you.

RedZone for iPhone

The global app users could simply start driving with RedZone today and experience an entirely new type of GPS technology. The app has Geo-tagged shootings, assaults, and thefts with the date and time comprised. You have one tap safe route selection. It is possible to turn-by-turn voice guided navigation. The users also have community reported alerts comprising suspicious activity, shootings, theft, assaults, vandalism, and police. The app would anonymously upload photos and videos onto the map for the global people to see.