Rainmaker for iPhone

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If users are searching for the most interesting puzzle game to play on your iPhone and get involved in long hooked hours? This article will disclose to you everything about the Rainmaker for iPhone app. Moreover the article will give you a brief description of this app, its features and their aspects.

Even though users have gone through large numbers of games on iOS devices over the years, there will always be the one genre that keeps coming back to play puzzle games. Rainmaker for iPhone by SweatyChair Pty. Ltd. is a minimalistic puzzle game with intricate little story that makes users thrilled.

Rainmaker for iPhone

If users wish to unwind and relax, they generally prefer to keep mind stimulated somehow, and puzzle games do exclusive job of that since having fun while trying to solve major problems. The visuals in Rainmaker are minimalistic with good aesthetic that would certainly appeal to everyone.

The players are greeted with flat graphics that describe a little girl surrounded by water and stunning backdrops. The game goes on with story unfolding to take you on a journey of discovering which is causing a mysterious rainfall. The ambient soundtrack is soothing, so it helps to get you in relaxed state.

This game of Rainmaker is level-based and it does not follow the traditional method of having a level selection screen. This entertaining game of Rainmaker takes you seamlessly through the story one puzzle at a time with the vital goal of helping the girl named Tian reach her destination on each stage in the form of a door.

Rainmaker for iPhone

It is revealed that sometimes the door is in a place high above, or there are obstacles that actually stand in the way of reaching it so your main job is to help her get past these obstructions with the power of a magical medallion that effectively allows her to turn into three different forms such as a heavy rock, a weightless bubble, or a bouncy basketball. The controls in Rainmaker are intuitive and thus eventually making game more interesting for users.