Puzzlepops for iPhone

by Oct 25, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Puzzlepops for iPhone by Layton Hawkes is sweet puzzle treat just in time for Halloween. If you’re fan of candy, puzzles, and Halloween, then this is the best mashup of everything you wish. When you speak visually, Puzzlepops is amazing and effectively applauded.

Puzzlepops features bright and vibrant background colors that are more in tune with the holiday. You also have a subtle pumpkin pattern print that would bring big smile to your face. The candies themselves look wholly delectable, as the game simply features staples like candy corn and Dracula lips to eyeballs and bats, along with few normal exclusive treats.

Puzzlepops for iPhone

The animations in this game are buttery smooth. You could experience quirky sound effects as the candies move around on the lollipop sticks. The global players have seven total chapters in the game, with about 10 levels in each.

Whether users get Premium or not, the main goal for all levels is the same: get the candy pieces into their apt spots on the lollipop sticks, but it’s much challenging than users think. The controls in Puzzlepops are simple enough to slide a candy piece on the sticks; players can just swipe it in the direction you like it to go.

For making larger candy, the players can just slide a piece of candy into another candy of the same kind, and it grows in size. When all of the candy is in their proper apt spot on the sticks, then global players have successfully completed a level and could generally move on to the next. The game allows players to play levels in any order, so it’s not actually linear.

Puzzlepops for iPhone

It would be accurate little puzzle game for Halloween, and it’s interesting for anyone, no matter how young or old.  It’s one of those kinds of games that would make users come regularly to play.