Pull My Tongue for iPhone

by Sep 17, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Pull My Tongue for iPhone by Noodlecake Studios Inc and David Marquardt is the interesting puzzle game that actively involves a hungry little chameleon who has massive appetite for popcorn. The puzzles are charming and put users mind to work in their free time.

The art style in Pull My Tongue is unique and it has been inspired a lot. There are many environments that Greg finds himself in on his quest to get some popcorn are illustrated with realistic backdrops and textures. The stars and obstacles in each puzzle are attractive, despite the dangers that await for Greg. The animations are fluid and the soundtrack is delightful.

Pull My Tongue for iPhonePull My Tongue features many worlds that serve as chapters, and there are 15 levels in each, with a total of 90 puzzles. The players could experience three bonus stages that could be unlocked after you capturing enough medals. It is possible to collect enough stars to gain quality access to the other worlds.

The key objective in each level is to help Greg stretch his tongue out far enough to reach the popcorn. Meanwhile the users must also collect up to three stars and avoid obstacles like spikes, zappers, chewing gum, balloons, and much more. It sounds so easy but things get a bit challenging as users go along. If users have enjoyed other intersting puzzle games then Pull My Tongue for iPhone could be worth checking out.

Pull My Tongue for iPhone

These are just enjoyable way to relax after a long day and it actually helps global users to unwind and pass the time quickly. The controls in Pull My Tongue are easy. You could just touch-and-drag Greg’s tongue to pull and stretch it around obstacles. The graphics are delightful, the music is soothing to ears, and game play is different which hasn’t been done before.