Props Love gives staff real rewards for excellence

by Mar 17, 2020General0 comments

If you’re a business owner or you work in a business where customer service is a key part of daily activities, Props Love is a game changer for you. Available to download on iOS and Google Play, it’s a feedback platform designed to collect genuine, positive and specific customer feedback about individual members of staff, rather than the company as a whole.

The smallest gesture or kind word can have a huge impact on somebody’s day, and it’s about time that staff who go the extra mile gain recognition. Props Love makes it easy for customers to highlight a staff member’s strengths, as well as leave a personal note to show appreciation.

The more props employees receive, the more rewards they can get. Props can be redeemed for gift cards at major retailers like Amazon, Target, ULTA, Starbucks and more.

As a business owner props can be a valuable tool. You can gain insight into your staff’s strengths and dig into individual employee’s performance using personal, genuine customer feedback. Your staff may go the extra mile and you’ll never know or be able to thank them – with Props Love that doesn’t have to be the case!

You can download Props Love on iOS and Google Play for free now!