Prisma for iPhone

by Jul 25, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Prisma for iPhone by popular Prisma labs, inc. is a new photo filter app that offers your photos a unique touch by turning them into works of art. This app primarily features a minimalistic, barebones interface that makes it simple to navigate and use.

The thin and light icons for all of the buttons are qualitatively recognizable, so global users won’t have any trouble knowing how the app works. Snapping new photos or importing them is fast and simple. With Prisma, the passionate users have two ways to get an image into the app namely as snapping a new photo or importing from your Photo Library.

Prisma for iPhone

If you like to snap a new photo with Prisma, you’ll have the square viewfinder in the top half of the screen, and users could toggle the flash with front or rear-facing camera using the buttons under the viewfinder. If you like to change settings, just tap on the cog icon. When users import an image, they can adjust the positioning to better fit the square crop format.

Prisma has over 30 filters, and they are all wholly free with the initial download. The filter ribbon at the bottom half of the screen allows you to check the name and get a sample of the original artwork that it’s from, so users could get an idea of what it looks like.

Prisma for iPhone

This popular app takes a few moments to render the filter to go on your image. It is revealed that each filter’s strength could be manually adjusted by sliding your finger horizontally along the image left is more subtle, and right is more intense. There are also a few settings with Prisma that users could access while in the viewfinder screen and tapping on the cog. If global users are into fun and unique filter effects for your photos, then Prisma comes highly recommended.