Pokemon GO for Android

by Jul 12, 2016Android App Reviews0 comments

If you haven’t heard by now, Pokemon GO for Android is taking over the world. They are considered as the most familiar mobile game in recent history. The augmented reality-based app has people out searching their neighborhoods while on the hunt for Pokemon.

It is sometimes even searching things other than Nintendo’s creatures. This popular game is turning out to be massive hit that its global users are much satisfied. Interestingly in order for people in countries where the game isn’t officially available yet, some global users have started sharing the app’s APK files directly.Pokemon GO for Android

If you did happen to download the app’s APK directly, it doesn’t assure you have the malware version. Moreover it actually increases the risk since side-loading bypasses Android’s security that blocks the installation of unverified third-party apps. So it’s best to just wait and get your apps from official sources, like your device’s app store, even if it allows you go out and catch Pokemon in the real world.

This Pokemon game has been released in a number of regions around the world and has already been grabbing at headlines. Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game based around flicking Pokemon Balls at monsters in order to capture and add them to your valuable collection. The players locate a Pokemon monster on a live map and must travel to where it is.Pokemon GO for Android

Once they are close to the monster, it appears on their screen and permits them to capture it. It is simple to pick up but certainly difficult to complete. The cities and countries around the world are already experiencing amazing wave of unaware Pokemon GO players heading to specific locations chasing a virtual monster, with some countries issuing key statements asking passionate players to look at where they are going, particularly when crossing the street.