Perchang for iPhone

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Perchang for iPhone is a physics-based puzzle game that involves several mechanical contraptions, small metal balls, and goals. Ever since mobile gaming born with a boom at the App Store back in 2008, puzzle games have been one of the best things about mobile gaming.

Many of the familiar iOS games that resulted have always been puzzles, but now that Perchang has arrived, it’s certainly a must-have title for any physics-based puzzle fan’s collection. Perchang has aesthetic going on due to the bright white background, simplistic-looking gizmos that are all wholly rendered in 3-D, hues of black, gray, and white with subtle splashes of red. The apt blue color for the parts of the contraptions can be controlled with the corresponding buttons.

Perchang for iPhone

Animations in Perchang are smooth, so it’s rather mesmerizing once everything play starts.The puzzle is solved and you’ll be moving on to the next one. The soundtrack in Perchang is rather atmospheric, which is just the icing on the cake. The acumen developers have developed amazing visual and audio package with Perchang that all relevant puzzle fans require to experience for entertainment.

Moreover this Perchang is level-based, with a total of 60 stages, 50 regular levels and 10 challenging Gold Runs that require being unlocked first, spreading out over 10 areas. The main objective in each stage is to get the needed amount of balls to the goal, which is generally indicated by the several black bars. When one ball gets to the goal, a bar will light up, and users repeat the process until they are all lit.

Perchang for iPhone

The levels begins out with simple enough of just one goal, but soon users would experience multiple goals and much more complex layouts for the gizmos, so users actually require all of your hand-and-eye coordination to actively solve the puzzles later on. In order to make the game even more challenging, global users have to race the clock on every level so that the faster you are, the best chance you have of earning a gold medal.  Altogether Perchang is a fantastic physics-based contraption machine puzzle game.