Party Hard Go for iPhone

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Party Hard Go for iPhone  by tinyBuild LLC and Pinokl is a stealth strategy game where players take on the role of a guy who is tired of the neighbours having sound parties all the time, so he eventually decides to do something about it himself.

If players enjoy stealth games that have a dark twist, then they will certainly enjoy Party Hard Go. Visually speaking, Party Hard Go is gorgeous and plays a good homage to the retro games of early days of pixelated art style. Each scenario includes many party environments, and hence it’s all pixelated, the sincere developers paid a lot of attention to all of the finer details.

Party Hard Go for iPhone

The settings are also flashy with ever changing lights and crazy props like UFOs. Party Hard Go qualitatively features a total of 19 different levels that players can make their way through, and each stage has special own unique environment, along with different variations and events that could occur.

And with users they have one character to start with, there are four additional ones players could unlock as they progress in the game, and they have their own distinctive traits. The key goal in each level is simple where players have to infiltrate the party as the killer, and kill everyone that’s there without being caught.

It’s twisted and dark game providing a challenge even for the most professional gamers. The players have two control schemes in Party Hard Go respectively as Virtual and Touch. The Virtual option includes a virtual directional pad in the bottom left corner and a handful of action buttons in the bottom right such as kill, use trap, dance, sprint, and pick up body.

Party Hard Go for iPhone

If passionate players opt for Touch controls, they could simply tap to move, double tap to sprint, swipe left or right to kill, either swipe up or down to pick up or put down a body, and actively hold anywhere on the screen to dance.