parkOmator for iPhone

by Mar 17, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

This popular was designed extensively for the Apple watch. This original parking ticket solution professionally saves you from the expensive fines and hours wasted in court. parkOmator was developed specially for the watch so it has a vivid and novel intuitive interface. Moreover this app is simple to use.

The Apple watch is the best selling smartwatch around globe, but it suffers the same problem other wearables do. There aren’t many compelling reasons to utilize it.

parkOmator for iPhone

There is new app named parkOmator would be the best expression of what an Apple watch app should be. It’s effective, simple to use and doesn’t bother you to interact with it all the time. Several app does effectively tag your location, and then provide to remind you to return to it at another time. It’s basically meant for public parking but could be used for anything time and location sensitive.

The users could just as simply tag your location as you split from a group of friends, and have it remind you to return to that spot later on. parkOmator for iPhone even knows how long it would take you to return to your tagged location, and effectively reminds you to get back in plenty of time.

There are several other apps with similar functionality but not are as simple to use as parkOmator. It’s also the first app that reaches wrist perfectly instead of my iPhone, and that’s saying something.

parkOmator for iPhone

The local parking “police” would really detest that you’re using parkOmator. The users would certainly love this app since it would assist you avoid expensive parking tickets. Think about what you could do with the money you would save from paying those fines and fees. This app would professionally reduce stress, save you money and time. Eventually you have a “smart phone” for a better reason. So the users make it smarter by using parkOmator as their parking assistant.