Orph for iPhone

by Oct 14, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Orph for iPhone by Prismalogic is the popular puzzle game that will really test reflexes of users. If they are fan of games like Duet, then they will wholly enjoy Orph. It is one of the kinds of puzzle game where players require bringing the balls to the right place.

The graphics in Orph are minimalistic with colored balls and lines are bright. It is also vibrant, providing nice contrast against the dark backdrops. The animations in the game are smooth with ambient music is also mesmerizing.

Orph for iPhone

Like many other familiar puzzle games, Orph is based on levels so users must progress through them one-by-one. Presently there are 50 levels in the game. The key objective in each stage is to get the colored balls into their correct places, and new mechanics are shown as you go.

While the game sounds easy at first, things get challenging and difficult as more balls come in at once. The colored areas where players are supposed to go must be in with smaller and more specific. The controls in Orph are easy to understand. The users will slide lines around to position the gap properly for the balls to pass through, or immensely tap on a line to change the color so that only one color could go through at a time.

In several cases the players might have to tap on the ball itself to have it “disappear” and then shown up again to reach its destination. The game has excellent replay value, as users like to strive for fastest times on all levels. 

Orph for iPhone

Finally the game has simple aesthetics which are soothing on the eyes, the atmospheric music is captivating, controls are intuitive, and gameplay mechanics are amazing with more competitive aspects derived as users advance. This is truly a great time killer for any ardent game play and professionally highly recommended.