Open Bar for iPhone

by Nov 9, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Open Bar for iPhone by Gingear Studio is latest puzzle game that would entertain you while making crave a nice cocktail every now. If users have enjoyed puzzles like Strata then they are in for a real time entertainment with Open Bar.

This is amazing puzzle game that will users playing for a long time to come. The visuals in Open Bar are minimalistic and featuring simple shapes with soft colors in flat aesthetic kind. It is illustrated that Open Bar’s default color theme is bright and clear.

Open Bar for iPhone

It is also easy to unlock many tasty variations as users solve puzzles and earn coins. The bubbly background is downright amazing and it will entice you to hit the bar later due to the smooth animations.  The game also has whimsical soundtrack.

In Open Bar the users could experience endless amount of levels for you to solve. The game descries you a new puzzle as you solve the current form of present one, so it’s naturally hard to figure out just how many puzzles the game will provide at you during its lifetime.

The key goal of each puzzle is the same whereas players had to line up the bars so that they run through the length or width of the grid in order to actively clear them out.  It is also noted that each level could be solved in three moves, though it’s hardship to see the solution when you’re in the later levels.

Moreover on each level, the global players have a grid with a mishmash of colored bars on it. Along the bottom there are few more bars that are arranged like plus symbols, and players could tap on them to rotate the direction of the colored lines. As players solve puzzles, they will be awarded coins. Sometimes, they even get bonus coins.

Open Bar for iPhone

Finally it’s an endless stream of delicious puzzles which are good for whenever users have leisure time to play. The music is delightful with the controls are simple, and the puzzles can be tricky, which is always nice to have.  There are precious coins that users can collect as well.