Online shopping? Why not try it on BEFORE you buy it with TRYO!

by Nov 22, 2022iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Online shopping can be scary, especially if you’re looking at an item that’s outside of your usual style. Maybe you’re not sure if it’ll look good and you don’t want to go through the process of ordering and returning an item. What if there was a way to try things on before you bought them?

TRYO is a new app, available on IOS, that uses AR technology to realistically show various accessories on your body. From hats and sneakers to watches and glasses, there are over 500 items to try on with more being added regularly. The app features a ton of huge brands like Adidas, too, so you won’t be looking for obscure items you’d never buy.

It’s a fun, interesting app to use and great for exploring new styles. Not sure if something would suit you? Try it on first! One of the key advantages to using an app like TRYO is not having to spend money buying an item, only to have to go through the effort of returning it if it doesn’t suit you. It’s always worth checking whether the item is on TRYO first and save yourself the trouble.

So whether you’re just looking to play around and explore new styles, or save yourself time and money ordering clothes you’re unsure about, TRYO is the perfect app for you. Download it on IOS today!