MyPostcard iOS App Review

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My postcard and greeting cards are apps designed for both Iphone and Ipad users all over the world.The app is sold by GmbH  in Berlin and its size is72.9MB.The app enables the user to create and share real postcards and greetings cards in the form of photos using his or her device. The postcards and greetings card can be shared by other users all over the world who possess I phones, I pads or iPod touch.Though this app,individuals can create personal cards according to their tastes and preferences via the tablet or other compatible devices.The app company has worked tirelessly to ensure that its customers get different templates for various occasions for example birthday cards, wedding invitations, congratulatory notes valentines day cards and Christmas cards among others.Therefore the app is always compatible with every person in every season of the year


How it works

For one to create his or her real printed postcard or greeting card the following procedures are followed;

The device user selects his or her post card style

The user uploads desired photos for the gallery or other apps like Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook

User selects the desired type of frame from the offered varieties

One then enters the greeting message or the information he or she wishes to convey

The sender then keys in the name and email address of the recipient and finally makes payment.This automatically assures him that the card will be prepared and sent to the addressee. When the receiver gets the card, the sender’s device always receives an electronic delivery note.Similarly, the device owner can make different temperates cards and prints as the app offers a variety of styles for making cards thus one is not limited to the number of cards to create and share.


Merits of using postcard and greeting cards app

ü It saves time as one does not have to visit a store to buy the cards and letter the post office to drop it for transportation

ü The cost of sending the cards using the app is relatively cheaper compared to the amount of money one could use to prepare the old format cards.

ü My postcard and greetings card is easy to use, attractive,lovely and a quicker way of reconnecting with distant relatives.

ü The customer is assured of quick delivery, and thus one can use it to send fast messages.

ü One is assured of delivery as the company refunds the client’s money paid for cards that have failed to be delivered

Demerits of My postcard and greetings card app

ü The app is only limited to a few people since it can only be accessed via tablets, I pads, I phones and Ipad touch.

ü The app is limited to individuals who are conversant with modern technology.

In summation, the app those with some demerits has become a channel of reconnection. Unlike letters which take a lot of time before delivery, the app ensures that family and friend are connected to each other.My postcard and greetings card app is just the link for distance relations among all people.However, the company should work on incorporating the app in all smartphones so as to ensure all people fit in and enjoy its benefits.

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