Monetal – Expense Tracker

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Monetal’s user-friendly interface makes budgeting, expense tracking, and personal finance management a breeze. With just three taps, you can quickly add transactions and easily track your expenses, income, and debts. You can create an unlimited number of cash, credit card, and electronic money accounts, as well as easily log your income and expenses to stay on top of your budget.

Why Choose Monetal As Your Expense Manager?

  • Keep track of your spending.
  • Add transactions in three taps
  • Keep track of your expenses, income, debts, and transfers.
  • An unlimited number of multi-currency accounts
  • An infinite number of categories and sub-categories
  • Extensive spending history
  • Budgeting tools to assist you in saving money
  • Sync budget data across all devices in real time.
  • Distribute expenditures across multiple budget lines.
  • In-built calculator
  • It is completely free, with no advertisements or in-app purchases.
  • Consistently better since 2012(!)

Wallets make account management easier. Organise your accounts into wallets to get a clear picture of your current finances.

Why Monetal Is Free

This expense tracker was created as an indie project by a single developer. The app is free to use and contains no advertisements or in-app purchases. Registration is also not required, so all of your data is completely anonymous and may be transferred to the app server only for app usage analytics (such as the most popular screens, which functions are frequently used, which can be removed, and so on).

Already Use Another App?

Switch to Monetal in 5 minutes and you’ll have all of your expense data with you. ┬áMonetal’s first version was released in 2012, and it has since undergone numerous improvements and updates.

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Final Words

Monetal is a one-stop shop for all of your personal finance requirements. Monetal has you covered whether you want to track your expenses, manage your budget, or simply save money. So, why delay? Begin counting your money with Monetal right away!