Mikey Jumps for iPhone

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Mikey Jumps for iPhone by BeaverTap Games, LLC is the latest familair game in the Mikey Shorts franchise. It’s an accurate combination of everything that made the users satisfy. If you like platformer games that provide a mix of speed runs and twitchy reflexes, then global users must check out Mikey Jumps.

It is illustrated that level layouts are crisp, and packed with good details like shading. The foreground has excellent contrast with the bokeh-style backgrounds in the distance, which includes settings like the jungle, snowy mountains, hot canyons, and outer space. In addition this game of Mikey Jumps is a level-based speed running platformer.

Mikey Jumps for iPhone

Moreover there are only 20 levels, but each level comprises 10 sections that players have to maneuver their way through to actively clear it. The key objective in each stage is to get from the beginning point to the big star that perfectly signifies the end point. The global players have to avoid dangerous spikes, pesky critters, and collect coins to spend on fun related accessories.

The players could always check their progress through a level by viewing at the gauge in the top left corner. The controls in Mikey Jumps are extensively simple, intuitive, and responsive. In order to jump the players can just tap on the screen, and hold their finger down to perform a longer jump.

Mikey Jumps for iPhone

As the hooks element is introduced, the players could easily just tap-and-hold on the screen when Mikey is nears an anchor point to use your grappling hook and swing across to good safety. At times when players lose a heart for each time they actually hit a spike or enemy, or fall to doom, and once when they are out of lives, the game gets over.

The coins that players pick up in levels could be used for the slot machine that provides you three randomized selections of items for your characters, which includes hats, ropes, and floaty boot trails.