Magic for iPhone

by Sep 28, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Magic for iPhone by D3PA is new way to play your favourite strategy-based trading card game. If you wish playing original match-three RPG action of Puzzle Quest then this is one amazing game that is worth of a spot in your gem collection.

If users have proper experience in other Puzzle Quest then you would feel right at home when you experience the graphics in the Magic for iPhone game. There is good detailed artwork from the Magic universe, including different lands, planes walkers, and sensational creatures.

Magic for iPhoneWhen users go through the stages themselves, the gems on each grid are vibrant. It is easily identifiable icons for each mana kind as well as Planeswalker loyalty points. The soundtrack in the game is soothing in this match-three RPG which considerably takes place in the fantasy world of Magic.

There are two categories to play respectively as Story and Quick Battle. Story is the standard campaign that players expect from a Puzzle Quest title. The global users would go through levels one-by-one and meet vital objectives for extra rewards, which includes the Planes walker tokens and crystals. For Quick Battle, it would virtually pit you against other real players for a quick PvP match.

As players win or lose these battles, your leaderboard ranking would reflect the apt performance, so this is definitely the way to go if you want to test your extreme skills against other players. But no matter which way you pick to play, the key objective is the same.

Magic for iPhoneThe players have to strongly reduce their opponent’s life points to zero before they do the same to you. After each battle, your Planeswalker may require to regenerate their health points. Based on level, this could take a few minutes or longer, so global users can either take a break or try out another Planeswalker deck in the meantime.